Long time coming: Nixon recieves art from EXPO

With the help of Hermosa Neighborhood Association, EXPO was able to commission two pieces for Nixon Elementary School.


EXPO Collective's gifted artwork 


Nixon Elementary School

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West Lawn's EXPO Mural

EXPO Collective donates mural to Latino Organization of the Southwest via Chicago Area Project's Lending Hand, created by ROHO Garcia


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With help from HNA, EXPO gifts art to Nixon Elementary

By EXPO Collective | December 13, 2019

Since 2016, EXPO Collective has had a strong connection with the Hermosa Neighborhood located on the northwest side of Chicago. That was the year that …

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West Lawn’s EXPO Mural: Coloring 63rd Street

By EXPO Collective | October 11, 2019

This past year was one of firsts. It was the first time that the Quetzal Art Fest was hosted on the southwest side of the …

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La Chamba, a groundbreaking Comic Book for all

By EXPO Collective | October 9, 2019

For anyone who knows Ricardo “Naco” Gonzalez, they know that he can’t sit still without doodling while having a conversation. That’s how you know he’s …

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Since The Inception




The idea for EXPO Collective emerges after the founding members host an exhibition in Little Village and are approached with a space in need of artistic elements and environment.


Supporting Artists

EXPO Collective launches as an organization that will support and aid artists through their artistic journey, while at the same time working to make art accessible to the public and elevating the status of art within our communities.



Quetzal Art Fest

The EXPO Collective team decides it's time for something bigger. The decision to develop the Quetzal Art Fest came in 2014, however the first annual event took place in June of 2015.


The Exchange Program

The Exchange Program is developed to teach and workshop with artists about their plans to market themselves. The three-step program focuses on Branding, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship, elements that the founders felt were missing in traditional educational systems.


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