Erick “ROHO” García

Erick “ROHO” Garcia is a Mexican-American artist born and raised in Joliet, Ill. and is now one of Chicago’s most active artists based in one of the most cultural and artistic neighborhoods in the city — Pilsen. He is currently a master’s degree candidate at Governors State University, studying painting. Throughout his artistic growth, Garcia’s philosophy has been “Life is Art,” which is conceptualized a number of ways through his variety of artistic talents.

 One of those talents for Garcia is teaching high school students the experience of self-expression and artistic development. Since 2007 Garcia has been instructing classes for After School Matters, focusing on the fundamentals of art and design as well as muralism. In 2012 he was given the opportunity to teach art classes at the National Museum of Mexican Art with emphasis on composing artistic individualism.

 For the past two years, Garcia has been focusing on developing EXPO Collective as a co-founder alongside partners Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez and Ricardo Gonzalez. As the creative director of the collective, Garcia has been a crucial part in developing and executing 12 exhibitions, took the lead on the conceptualization and execution of the first ever visual arts festival in Pilsen called the Quetzal Art Fest and is currently preparing for a three-city tour exhibition of his own work in an effort to build artistic community across the country.  

 Additionally, Garcia is currently the artist-in-residence at innovation center Blue|1647 located in Pilsen, an opportunity that has opened doors for his career in large-scale pieces, that include murals inside the centers based in Chicago and St. Louis.

 When he is not engulfed in composing a new series of paintings he spends his time mixing music and becoming an all around DJ. As an artist of many passions, Garcia’s theatrical experiences have lead him into screenplay writing, a project focused on the process of being a true artist.

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