The Power of Collaboration in Art

In the art world, collaboration isn’t exactly necessary. However, the landscape of what it means to be an artist in today’s climate doesn’t allow for artists to be hermits. Over the past few years, I’ve learned quite a bit about the art world and what it means to be an artist although I rarely dabble …

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Villapalooza 2016

Founded in 2011, Villapalooza is a non-profit, free, all day, all ages, music, arts and culture festival. Villapalooza takes place in Little Village and is dedicated to promoting non-violent spaces for arts, cultura and community engagement. Last year, the festival was featured as one of the many elements to the D.I.Y. Cultura movement that continues …

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RECAP: Quetzal Art Fest 2016

This year, the Quetzal Art Fest almost didn’t happen. Due to incredibly busy schedules, people being out of state and other mishaps, we thought QFest would have to be postponed until next year. But the Quetzal turned into our Phoenix for this event. In a month, after pitching the idea to The Miracle Center we were …

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