This is the first art festival in Chicago dedicated to the visual arts and freedom of expression. Aligned with our mission, the Quetzal Art Fest is dedicated to making art accessible to the community and showing off our brushstrokes. Additionally, we are focused on creating community through art and actually providing art as a service to the community.

While having our artists create aesthetically pleasing work, we also want to give community members and Chicago residents the opportunity to meet the artists who have been beautifying the city for many years.

Additionally, multiple pieces will be donated to nonprofits who have given so much of their time and energy to uplifting our communities.

This one-day festival will combine visual art, music and community building, for a family-friendly summertime activity.

The Quetzal is a brilliant bird that was very important to the indigenous peoples of ancient Mexico and Central America. Since the Quetzal cannot live in captivity, it became a symbol of freedom and liberty– and for EXPO, a freedom of expression.

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EXPO Collective artists who participated in QFest15

Read about the upcoming August 6th QFest at The Miracle Center, 2311 N. Pulaski.


Quetzal Art Fest 2016, Inspire Your Inner Artist

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