EXPO Collective, Chicago’s Artists Accelerator, is going on tour with Erick “ROHO” García and will be joined by resident DJ, Ricky Guapo, direct from Los Angeles. In an attempt to build community across the United States through the topic of cultural identity, The Red Tour will hit Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

The Story of Red

Red is the color of passion, intensity and life. As a graffiti artist, ROHO felt that the color described his feelings toward art– something he was incredibly passionate about, that he had an intensity for, which translated into a lifestyle that incorporated the color’s symbolism. Not to mention that it’s his favorite color.

To avoid confusion to the pronunciation of his artistic name, he changed the spelling so that it was phonetic for those who didn’t speak Spanish– from Rojo to ROHO. He implemented the name into his work in 2005.

The Red Tour

The artwork that ROHO has developed falls in line with a coming-of-age story focused on cultural identity, and the struggles and beauty that comes with having heritage. Each piece of artwork carries a history with it, found in its background elements of stencils and graffiti-esque font. Viewers are advised to take a step back and admire the view of the whole piece while also examining the fine attention to the detail of work.

The pieces on this tour are created to bring the topic to life in an experiential platform. On this tour, ROHO plans to showcase his artwork, DJ and create an all-encompassing experience for those in attendance.

All pieces will be debuting in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles: January 2016

Chicago: May 27

New York City: Fall ‘16

What to Expect

If there’s anything that ROHO believes in, it’s that you should reward yourself after putting in the hours of hard work and dedication. As a well-rounded artist who also DJs, celebrations are part of ROHO’s process to success.

Attendees should expect to see up to 15 pieces of artwork, many of which have not been displayed before. In addition to the artwork, the process of each piece will be projected along with selected mixes of tracks that ROHO used as inspiration when creating these pieces. From rock to rap, English to Spanish, music will also emerge as a key player during the exhibition.

This exhibition will be a celebration of the works created, culture and heritage in order to build a connection with the communities in each city as an example of the similarities experienced regardless of geographic location.

All pieces will be for sale.

Based in Chicago

ROHO is a native of Joliet, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. He also holds a B.F.A. from the American Academy of Art. To ROHO, Chicago has always been an art mecca but it hasn’t been magnified in the same way as LA and NY, two media focal points.

Chicago has always been home to creative talents that needed to leave the city in order to find success. ROHO decided to stay and build his career in the Midwest, only to expand to other cities when the time was right.

Among his completed large-scale projects are three outdoor murals, indoor murals at Blue|1647 Chicago and St. Louis, showcases at Prospectus Art Gallery in Pilsen and shown work in multiple other galleries in the city.

Why The City of Angels?

Los Angeles has always been the epicenter of Latino culture. Whether they identify as Chicanos, Mexicans or Mexican-Americans, the identities of the Angelinos is similar to Latino Chicagoans– with a longer history of self-identification.

The body of work showcased on the Red Tour aims to build a bridge of understanding and camaraderie between Chicago and LA– starting discussions that can be developed together. Since the conceptualization that ROHO is creating resonates with LA, encouraging contact, interactions and community building is the main priority of the experience.

…And The Big Apple?

With such an abundance of nationalities, cultures and identities, ROHO felt that this body of work would only add to the discussions already happening on the streets of NYC. The universal concept of cultural identity and its manifestations on the New York stage is the perfect scene in which to add the colorful works of ROHO’s Red Tour. It just makes sense.

Recap of the Red Tour: LA

Recap of the Red Tour: LA

Photos from the LA Red Tour

Photos from the LA Red Tour