EXPO Collective Celebrates Women

During Women's History Month, EXPO highlights the work of three mujeres poderosas who have used their entrepreneurial endeavors to speak to who they are as individuals.


Highlighting women entrepreneurs 


Who run the world?

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Art in the time of COVID-19

Now that people are staying home, artists are switching up their ways of connecting with their audiences. 

Artists Go Digital To Stay Connected

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Art in the Time of COVID-19

By EXPO Collective | March 25, 2020

Everyone can agree, it’s a weird time. We’re sheltering-in-place, hunkered down in our “home offices,” working from home (for some of us) and trying to …

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Calaveras y Rosas: Creating from the Heart

By EXPO Collective | March 18, 2020

Ángela Miranda-Hernández lives in a home that looks like her art. Bold colors on the wall, pieces of art collected from Mexico hanging on them, …

Calaveras y Rosas: Creating from the Heart Read More »

Art for the People

By EXPO Collective | March 12, 2020

Norma Rios Sierra, 39, is a mixed media artist who creates with everything from glass, stone, paper and paint. She was born in Mexico City …

Art for the People Read More »

Since The Inception




The idea for EXPO Collective emerges after the founding members host an exhibition in Little Village and are approached with a space in need of artistic elements and environment.


Supporting Artists

EXPO Collective launches as an organization that will support and aid artists through their artistic journey, while at the same time working to make art accessible to the public and elevating the status of art within our communities.



Quetzal Art Fest

The EXPO Collective team decides it's time for something bigger. The decision to develop the Quetzal Art Fest came in 2014, however the first annual event took place in June of 2015.


The Exchange Program

The Exchange Program is developed to teach and workshop with artists about their plans to market themselves. The three-step program focuses on Branding, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship, elements that the founders felt were missing in traditional educational systems.


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