Artist of the Month: Fernando "FEDZ" Caldera

We’re extremely happy to announce that our Artist of the Month is Fernando “FEDZ” Caldera for March! Since the beginning of the year, we have decided to acknowledge those incredible artists who do amazing work, hustle to meet deadlines, work a 9-to-5, produce stellar artwork and STILL manage to be a member of EXPO Collective.

wp-1461033205729.pngIf there is anyone who lives up to what was just described above, it’s FEDZ. Since day one, FEDZ has willingly supported and participated in various exhibitions including the Quetzal Art Fest, has sat in on the Artist Exchange program and is a responsible young man with respect, punctuality and all-around professionalism. On top of his dedication to EXPO, he works almost seven days a week at more than one job which means that he has to take days off in order to make meetings hosted by the group. And more, FEDZ continues to produce creative works, participates in exhibitions around the city and does it all with a smile on his face.

This past month, on top of all of his responsibilities, FEDZ participated in our X-PO Illustrated exhibition, finished a mural and had time to hand out these awesome stickers!

We’re happy to have FEDZ as part of the team and happy to call him the Artist of the Month for March.

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