Artist of the Month: José “GRUE” Pellecer

In a continuation of our Artist of the Month series, we are happy to announce our artist for February!

José “GRUE” Pellecer first worked with EXPO Collective during the first annual Quetzal Art Fest in 2015. Since then, he has also participated in a silent auction for a community production of West Side Story in partnership with The Miracle Center.

P12884613_1042176382491531_1440421526_nellecer is known for his spaceman character that shall remain nameless, and cartoony aesthetic that brings an innocent touch to his pieces that have been manipulated to tell a much deeper story. However, his aesthetic doesn’t stop there. He has a variety of styles under his belt, which makes him an ideal artist for commissioned pieces.

Most recently, Pellecer established Sky, a streetwear brand that he’s working to get off the ground. That’s what we call the hustle!

The Guatemalan native finds inspiration all over Chicago and through the variety of people that he’s met growing up in the city. We look forward to working more closely with Pellecer in the future. For now, read a bit about what inspires the young artist.


 What’s your life passion?

Just art in general. Art makes everything better. I say that everyone has an inner artist that’s waiting to come out and create. And that is why I want a space of my own so everyone and anyone can come together and forget about race, color, gender and just paint.

What message(s) do you hope to convey through your artwork?
To not be afraid of being yourself and taking chances. To just put it all out there.


How do you live your life authentically?
By not paying attention to anything negative even though sometimes we can’t escape it but I try my best. By staying active, creating and working hard to get my art and brand somewhere so I can give back.

Find more information about our artists through the Intellectual Nonsense podcast and on BackSpace, a new social application dedicated to experiencing social freedom.


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