EXPO Collective Hosts First Ever Solo Art Tour to Debut in LA


Starting January of 2016 EXPO Collective will be hosting its first solo art tour featuring co-founder and creative director Erick “ROHO” Garcia. The tour will debut in Los Angeles on Jan. 16 and will feature local guest DJ Ricky Guapo, founding member of Mucho Music and sponsored by Capital One 360 Café, 11175 Santa Monica Blvd.

The Red Tour, titled for Garcia’s nickname, is planning on three stops in large multicultural cities for the purpose of adding to the artistic dialogue which already exists. In his first cross-country tour, Garcia will be displaying 15 pieces dedicated to theme of cultural identity and heritage.

“I’m looking forward to meeting artists and the people of each city as well as seeing their reactions to my work,” Garcia said. “I’d like to look for similarities between our geographical locations and start a dialogue based on culture.”

FINAL_RED-TOUR_FLYERThe decision to start the tour on the west coast was due to the fact that Los Angeles has always been the epicenter of Latino culture. Whether identifying as Chicanos, Mexicans or Mexican-Americans, the identities of the Angelinos is similar to Latino Chicagoans– with a longer history of self-identification.

“I’m representing Chicago but I was raised with an LA heart,” said Garcia. “I developed my work heavily influenced by the LA art scene based on what I saw through movies and media that resonated with me being Mexican in the Midwest. The culture is just as strong in Chicago and I want to make that connection.”

The body of work showcased on the Red Tour aims to build a bridge of understanding and camaraderie between Chicago and LA– starting discussions that can be developed together. Since the conceptualization that Garcia is creating resonates with LA, encouraging contact, interactions and community building is the main priority of the experience.

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