New Exhibition on December 1st

This December along with Sanctuary Citizen and Fulton Street Collective, EXPO Collective will be hosting a one-night-only exhibition dedicated to the xenophobic situations we’re living in today.

From understanding immigration to acceptance and tolerance of all people, we at EXPO Collective felt that it was time to present and work with groups that embody the spirit of what it means to be not only a person living in a metropolis of diversity and history, but a global citizen, putting the ideals that we live out every day into a collective, visually artistic pot.

Recent history has pointed in the direction of xenophobic thoughts, actions and policies affecting immigrants, migrants and people of color in this country. As we see situations like DACA being rescinded without a solution on the table or individuals being racially profiled in Texas due to SB4, the concern over changes in Temporary Protection Status for those from Nicaragua and Honduras, the HUGE issues in Puerto Rico or even wall prototypes going up in San Diego, we cannot help but feel that we are unwanted and will remain oppressed no matter what we try to do.

This exhibition is currently nameless but it has a lot to say. It carries histories, hopes, dreams and ideas for the future dedicated to making our city, in the very least, a better place for all who inhabit it.

Participating artists:

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