The Belief System

A lot of people are still figuring out who we are and what we do. We don’t blame you one bit. In fact, we urge you to ask questions, visit us and come to our exhibits to find out what it is we’re truly seeking and at the same time, trying to accomplish for the community that we hold dear in our hearts.

Martin Luther King, Jr. by ROHO Garcia

Which community is that? We’d like to say it’s a definition of one, but in fact it is several. We want to build and strengthen community among Latinos, artists, Blacks, Pilsen, Whites, Chicago, everyone, Blue |1647, and the world. It’s a big dream and a big feat to accomplish but the struggle to uphold our belief system that art is a service to our communities is much more important to us than giving up.

We decided to put this out there today, on the day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. this year because a lot of what he fought for– justice, peace, equality, economic stability– is what drives us to push further in this project that we call EXPO Collective. We tell our stories through the artwork that we curate and exhibit. Our community building efforts through artwork is a tool to build peace among our community members and art lovers. Our work within the collective is meant to bring peace to our artists as well, by building a support system for them. We also believe that artists have a right to build their careers and names as artists for economic stability.

Our attempt to make art touchable, accessible and shared is or way of living our ideals every day through this project. Our desire is to help document the stories and work of people of color in Chicago and in the same vein, build a foundation that will make waves across the country in order to build community with like-minded individuals, artists and art lovers.

Everyone? Maybe. However hard this will be to complete, know that we will never lack ambition.

We are EXPO Collective and we fight the good fight.

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