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On Friday, Nov. 18, we hosted a celebration in honor the Chicago Cubs finally winning a World Series. It only took over 100 years! The event took place at the Capital One Cafe, 21 E. Chestnut St., where we provided music (that mixed in the commentator’s announcing winning plays), Lou Malnati’s pizza and refreshments for the crowd.

15036270_642849455887560_5913350013540042467_nThe family friendly event also included face painting by Frances Guillen and caricature creation by Ryan G15134753_999906900119310_2919582076755151816_nalvez, both of whom work at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Among those showcasing, we had Ryan CassellJulio Salazar,
Roho GarciaMariella HernandezPatita Medina, HOZER Ramirez, Haman Cross and Alonzo Alcaraz.

Many of the artists were showing with us for the first time, while others have always been members of the Collective, showcasing with us multiple times throughout the years.

A night of celebration, comfort and attendees having the opportunity with a piece of art — whether on their faces, as a caricature or purchased– made the night a success.

Please take a look at the pieces that are for sale and contact us if you’re interested in any of the pieces. Note: Artists get 100% of the sales. EXPO Collective does NOT take commission for pieces sold. We know and understand what it is like to be an artist and do not want to benefit from the hard work of each of our professional partners.

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