West Lawn’s EXPO Mural: Coloring 63rd Street

This past year was one of firsts. It was the first time that the Quetzal Art Fest was hosted on the southwest side of the city and the first Fest to include a mural, as we had always hoped for in previous years.

While working with Chicago Area Project’s and Lending Hand’s Heidy Grimaldo who helped in the promotion of the event and made appropriate introductions, we were granted the wall by Latino Organization of the Southwest to paint on in help with promotion of the 5th Annual Quetzal Art Fest that took place in June.

The mural was designed and painted by Roho Garcia, our creative director and co-founder of EXPO Collective, with the help of Mario Mena and Jose “Hozer” Ramirez. The work started during the month of June with projections, outlines and color.

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Throughout the months of July, August and September, work was done slowly but surely. Roho claimed that this was his “fun and stress free mural.”

“People were surprised to see me come back,” said Roho. “They would say, ‘Oh, I thought it was done.’ Then I would say it just needed a little bit more.”

Many driving down 63rd street could be seen taking pictures, honking and others who walked by would stop to say hello or to ask about the mural itself.

“People that lived in the neighborhood would stop by and tell me how much they enjoyed seeing the process and how they appreciated the colorful mural,” continued Roho. “It was something I always enjoyed hearing.”

Many were excited about seeing color in the neighborhood in such a prominent location along the 63rd street corridor.

This mural was a donation to the West Lawn community via LOS, EXPO Collective’s way to give back to a neighborhood in need of color and artistic expression.

If you’d like to see the mural, you can spot it at 4051 W. 63rd street. Share a photo and tag @RohoArte, @EXPOCollective and #QFest19!

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  1. Rachelle Cullen-Reavill

    Hello, my name is Rachelle. I’m in college and I have an art final and for that final I’m supposed to pick a peace of art in my area that’s not in a museum and do research on it. I am picking this mural on 63rd and was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it.

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