Bojana “BOJITT” Ilic

Bojana is a Serbian-born artist with a degree in clothing and textile design. After as successful 10-year career in the fashion industry, Bojana was ready for a change and moved to the United States in 2007 where she found painting as a form of expression.

Her company, and artistic name, BOJITT leverages over 15 years of creative experience helping clients express their brand, vision, and passion.

Ranging from corporate clients like Philip Morris and Chevrolet to passion projects like her own fashion design/production studio “Tigidi” based in Belgrade, Serbia, and after school art/design and fashion program “D’s train Art and Design studio” for children in Chicago, Bojana’s work has enhanced lives world-wide.

True collaboration and honest expression are Bojana’s strongest assets. Her success stems from her extensive experience and ability to bring ideas to fruition in a playful and professional manor.


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