Christopher Duran

Christopher Duran was born in Chicago, Ill. and currently attending The American Academy of Art, pursuing a degree in illustration. Chris’ passion for art started when he encountered graffiti. He was influenced by Chicago’s street art scene and old school Hip-Hop. His art is best described as “gritty” and “bold.” Acrylic, spray paint and ink are his mediums of choice because they are effective ways to explore elements of graffiti and capture the grit and raw essence of the streets.

Chris’ artwork has been displayed in museum exhibits such as the Art Institute of Chicago’s Re:Imagine 24 Hour Overnight Design Competition 2015, National Museum of Mexican Art and After School Matters 2011 Cultural Center Exhibition in which he collaborated with other young artists. In 2011, Chris was a part of a mural painting program for After School Matters with his mentor Ricardo NACO González, a local Chicago Artist. In 2015, Chris participated in Chicago Farmers Markets reusable bag design contest and won a scholarship prize. On July 2, 2016, he was featured as a live artist at CumbiaSazo’s family fest alongside his cousin Ivan Vasquez.

Chris’ latest focus has been on his whimsical “5o” character, a representation of an angry Cop stressed out by the infinite amount of graffiti. He has been experimenting with wheat pasting and putting “5o”on public places throughout the city.

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