Enrique Reyes

Enrique Reyes is a digital 2D and 3D artist.  A Mexican-American child of the ’80s, he was born in Chicago, Ill. and is currently based in the South side suburb of Oak Lawn.

With a desire to be in the video game industry creating environments and props, he obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in 3D-modeling and animation from The American Academy of Art.  In the past, he has worked in the design department for companies in downtown Chicago and was also an environmental art intern at the now defunct, Midway Games.

As a self-proclaimed “nerd,” his art is fueled by his fanboy love of comic books, video games and toys. He strives to create fun imagery from those inspirations to bring joy, spark some nostalgia, and maybe introduce folks to something new and nerdy.  As a member of EXPO Collective, he has exhibited in two group shows so far. From his bat cave, he is currently getting reacquainted and exploring the realms of game development, t-shirt design, and merchandising.

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