Fernando "FEDZ" Caldera

Fernando “FEDZ” Caldera is a California-born, Chicago-based mixed media artist. His artistic process began at a young age in Mexico. As a child, he would sculpt his own toys out of clay. With the help and support of his family, teachers and friends, his interest in art grew stronger. It wasn’t until junior year of high school that he took his talent seriously. He took two years of Advance Placement Art classes at Morton High School and began taking part of local community art projects with nonprofit organizations like Corazón, Yollocalli Youth Art Reach and After School Matters.

His work is inspired by the human condition –portraits that express a feeling whether it be sad, happy, lustful through the use of intense bright colors. The same goes for his creature sculptures and drawings. They represent his depiction of the idea that shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover” and initial misconceptions when meeting strangers. These creatures may look creepy and ugly but with the use of a bright intense color palette they portray an essence of being friendly and welcoming, almost cute in a way. In the last few years,  he has participated in many group exhibitions with his peers, the two most recent being X-PO Illustrated with EXPO Collective and the Annual You Are Beautiful show at Galerie F.

In April 2015 he had his first official solo exhibition titled “Exist” at Pilsen Outpost, a small gallery located on 21st and Damen in Pilsen, where he showcased his portraits. He has worked on murals throughout the Chicagoland area, most of which are located in Pilsen. Find his work in various galleries around Chicago like Pilsen Outpost, Chicago Truborn, Galerie F.

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