Christina Elizabeth “KIKI” Rodríguez

Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez is a Mexican-American writer, communications specialist and co-founder of EXPO Collective, an artist accelerator building community through exhibitions, the Quetzal Art Fest, dedicated to highlighting the visual art, and The Exchange, a series of educational workshops focused on marketing, branding and entrepreneurship in the arts.

In the past two years, alongside partners Erick “ROHO” García and Ricardo “Naco” González, EXPO Collective has hosted The Red Tour exhibition in Los Angeles, hosted 15 city-wide exhibitions and has worked with over 65 artists across Chicago.

Rodríguez graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Media with a master’s degree in journalism.

She started her career at Café Media in 2008, writing and developing a much needed skill set in digital and social media platforms, encountering the world of marketing and its importance to publications online and offline alike.

In 2010, Rodríguez worked with Arte y Vida Chicago and in 2011 acted as the Editorial Director for Extra Bilingual Newspaper. She also aided in the launch and was Executive Editor of, a health source for Latinos online. Most recently, Rodríguez was a Senior Account Executive at a social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency, Zócalo Group, gaining experience in the Hispanic and general market, managing and consulting for corporate social media accounts as well as influencer marketing.

All of her collective freelance work can be found under Clique Communications, a network she has built for the benefit of those looking to expand their reach via communicative efforts, both in print and online.

In addition to her work, Rodríguez is a diabetes advocate and writes about diabetes on her blog, Diabetes Types A Blog, is communications adviser and facilitator for TheMillennial.Be, is a co-host on the increasingly growing podcast Intellectual Nonsense and has been acknowledged as one of Chicago Scholars’ 35 under 35 Making an Impact.

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