Natalia Virafuentes

Natalia Virafuentes is a Chicago based artist that focuses on linear drawings and abstract images. She has been painting and drawing for about 15 years and has curated exhibitions for the last five years, mostly showcasing visual artists and musicians from surrounding areas.

Natalia has always been interested and involved in the arts. In elementary school she took still-life drawing classes after school and in high school she attended Marwen and Gallery37 (now After School Matters). This was when her love for painting began, enjoying being free to experiment without fear. It was a whole different realm from drawing.

After high school she attended Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, then transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago for a semester. Realizing that art school wasn’t in her path, she went on to study massage therapy at The Soma Institute. At that time she joined The Empty Canvas, an art collective based in Pilsen. After being nominated as the President of the art collective, she began to curate more frequently around the city.

Natalia is currently living in Chicago as a full-time massage therapist and still makes time for her art and shows.