Trish García

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Trish García is a senior designer and illustrator during the day and a full-time Monster maker at night. She attended a small art college in Columbus, OH where she studied graphic design and advertising.

It wasn’t until her move to Chicago seven years ago that she began to find her style and explored more illustrative work.

Creative collaborations are what drive her as an artist and she is constantly learning from those around her. To stay inspired, she surrounds herself with passionate, creative, kind people.

Her monsters,what she is most notably known for, are influence by sea creatures, wrinkly animals, nature and elderly people. Her work has been described as “playful” and “creepy in a cute way.”

Her work has been showcased at: AMFM Maskerade | Fashion Event Art Show | 2016 Bike Winter Art Show | Chicago | 2016 Bit Wars | Blue1647 | Chicago | 2014 ARTCRANK | Expo 72 | Chicago | 2014 Adhesive Fiends | Chicago Truborn | Chicago | 2014 The Vinyl Frontier | Chicago Truborn | Chicago | 2014 DECKED | Chicago Art Department | Chicago | 2013

Words she follows: “Work hard, be kind and be present.”

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