The EXPO Collective Exchange

Named for the Exchange of insights and ideas, EXPO Collective decided that as an artist accelerator, it would be to not only the organization’s benefit but that of its numerous artists, to reap benefit from knowledgeable, self-sustained artists. In this process, artists would learn the importance of marketing, branding, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

  • The needs for transitional opportunities were apparent, for those upcoming artists as well as for the artists who needed a sense of elevation, inspiration and motivation. We knew that with our networks, insight and experience, we could help to accelerate artists into their careers.
  • Workshops and seminars will walk EXPO Collective into the future of the arts. Once graduated, the participants would then in turn work with EXPO to begin their journey on gaining the exposure they need to develop a fully sustainable career.
  • The Exchange will focus on upper class high school and university students as well as open workshops for artists from the EXPO Collective.


Interested in working with us? We’re welcome to all inquires.

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